(wow, this thing sat in my drafts folder for 3 years… nobody’s going to want to mimic my brain)

it’s sometimes said that the human brain only uses about 10% of it’s total capacity. nobody i know is authorized to make statements about that sort of thing, so i’m going to veer off topic and quickly get down to the business of predicting the future.

Ready? Go.

with new ways to model the behavior of brains in computers, we’ll be able to sell ourselves to the highest bidder in an effort to make more clever media campaigns. these campaigns will be designed to get us to eat more fish sticks and vote for this guy or the other, but instead of testing them in traditional focus groups they’ll be done much more quickly and effectively with human brain mockups.

computers that can mimic the way the mind works will, as soon as they’re available, be used to simulate the expected outcomes of ad campaigns with you and your like-minded friends as the targets. just as labs will be able to mimic the brain’s interactions of the next generation of focus enhancing drugs in silica, so will intelligent marketeers quickly adopt these utilities to test their next set of flashy cola ads.

since we have all the data in place on our social media services, we’ll be able to quickly share a model of ourselves with a market research firm who can simulate a brain with our history and friends list and likes… and perhaps we’ll get a kickback for sharing our data. or perhaps we won’t even know that it was shared in the first place.

in any event, you can bet that i’ll be investing in fish stick factories.

peep this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y0NOa-yjr8

that was awesome!

… well if you watched the video, you might have cause for chicken-littling. (is that even relevant?)